21 cats dumped at N.J. animal rescue. Now, they need help finding homes.

Laurie Zaleski is furious.

She runs Funny Farm Rescue, a non-profit animal shelter in Mays Landing, and discovered Wednesday morning that someone had dumped 21 cats in front of her sprawling, 20-acre property.

A neighbor walking on Railroad Boulevard discovered the animals in four crates by the side of the road.

They were dumped sometime between 7:05 and 7:25, Zaleski said, and police are investigating to fine those responsible.

“During COVID especially, people like us are struggling so hard to stay afloat,” Zaleski said. “I have over 550 animals here and they felt like it was OK with no food or water to dump a bunch of cats.”

Her one-woman, all volunteer operation is working to care for these new arrivals at what is an already-bustling rescue operation. Despite the challenge, she vowed that all will find loving homes.

In her 20 years of running a rescue, she has

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