Home of the Week: A twisty Cambridge condo featured on HGTV, in Dwell magazine

Style Modern, contemporary condo

Year built 2006

Square feet 1,206

Bedrooms 2

Baths 2 full

Water/sewer Public

Condo fee $95 a month

Taxes $4,618 (2020)

It looks like a 3-D puzzle nearing completion, this truly contemporary home in North Cambridge. Instead of floors rigidly stacked like a layered cake, this home has three rotated boxes of roughly 16 by 22 feet, a design by architects Beat Schenk and Chaewon Kim. The exterior (and many of the spaces inside) are clad in marine plywood, and narrow rectangular windows ensure privacy.

The detached condo, known as “X-Small,” is one of four contemporary homes the architects built on two lots, and it was featured on HGTV and in Dwell magazine. A boardwalk leads to the front door, which opens into the first of four levels (there is a basement), and the design features that echo throughout the home are on display: a mix

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Dwell Development brings cutting-edge sustainability, and a reverence for preservation, to its renovation of 3 classic Seattle homes

SHAME ABOUT SEARS. Things were going so well there for a while — like way back in the early 1900s, when Sears, Roebuck and Co. sold houses. Whole houses. In kits. Through that fabled catalog. Meaning: Home sweet home — from the nails to the pipes to the siding — arrived in boxes. Major assembly required.

And you thought that Ikea bookcase was tough.

The Backstory: Dwell Development adds a sepia tinge to its groundbreaking green catalog

Sears sold 70,000 or so of those so-called Modern Homes — all with high-quality materials and, clearly, excellent instructions: An estimated 70% of them are still standing. Meaning: There are more active Sears kit houses these days than there are active Sears stores.  

Mar Gonzalez and Adam Sedo live in one of the oldest (and, likely, most active, considering they have a 2-year-old son). It’s a lovely, sturdy specimen of Sears Roebuck Modern

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