FanDuel founders Nigel Eccles and Rob Jones land $5 million for Flick app to talk sports, and place your bets

The startup today closed $5 million in Series A funding, which will be used to add features that include linking up with sports betting sites.

As he builds Flick, Eccles is battling FanDuel’s board of directors in Manhattan state Supreme Court, over a 2018 acquisition deal he said left the company’s founders and early employees with nothing for the product they built.

As to the value of Flick, Eccles said most betting platforms have no social component, meaning they miss out on the social nature of sports viewership.

“It is very transactional,” he said. “You place your bet and leave.”

His vision for Flick is a place where people can chat about sports and track their bets. Flick would not handle bets but be paid for directing them to other sites.

A 2018 Supreme Court ruling lifted a federal ban on sports betting, allowing states to set their own laws.

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