Better Homes and Gardens editor Dora Papas on continuing a legacy and the future of a lifestyle juggernaut

2020 has been a hard year for the media, but perhaps most for those in magazines. The complications started for Pacific Magazines 2019 when it was announced Seven would be selling the magazine arm to rival publisher Bauer Media. From there, the sale took several terms, before concluding, finally, a few months into the COVID pandemic.

But it wasn’t the end of the changes. Bauer Media then sold its ANZ arm to private equity business Mercury Capital and a recent rebrand saw it become Are Media.

That process, unfortunately, saw a number of closures and redundancies, but before it all began Dora Papas became editor of Better Homes and Gardens, one of the highest selling magazines in the country and a title which has its own lifestyle brand, including a TV show, and a 50 year history. Luckily, Papas was no stranger to BHG – she became editor after almost

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Policymakers to blame, not teachers | Letters to the Editor

Recently a school superintendent in Nebraska berated teachers (to tears) in a high-poverty high-immigrant elementary school because their school’s test scores were hurting the district’s score. Berating teachers for not solving what is a social problem, not an educational problem, is unfair and has led to unequal achievement between poor and affluent children.

Large amounts of recent peer-reviewed research are available that prove the cognitive and behavioral damage to young children’s developing brains from toxic stress. Toxic stress is much more likely in children living in poverty than more affluent children, which accounts for the achievement gap between poor and affluent children.

The Harvard Center on the Developing Child has developed a summary and index of this research. Pertinent items include: brain architecture, toxic stress, neglect and gene & environment interaction.

Despite this research, Nebraska teachers are held accountable under a racist and xenophobic AQuESTT system, where schools are ranked

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