CW Realty’s UES condo project was an ‘elaborate scheme,’ building owner charges

Weisz’s lawyer balked at the charges. “While our contract includes the provision for a payment of rent, that requirement is contingent on other factors that have not been met, so the claim is entirely without merit,” said Ariel Farkas, an attorney for Weisz. “Should the matter be brought to court, we are confident that the dispute would be quickly resolved in our favor.”

The new building would be a 120,000 square-foot, 33-story condo tower on a lot that would cantilever over Pecora’s four-story property.

Pecora claimed that the entire project was “an elaborate scheme” in which the developers knew they did not have the money to make it happen, leaving him with an empty promise that he would get more than half a million dollars in rent. 

Despite multiple reassurances by his partners that they could fund the project, the lawsuit claims, Pecora was owed more than $100,000 in rent

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