Electrician knocks down house and builds California bungalow-inspired duplex in Hadfield Melbourne

Electrician pays off his $790,000 mortgage in just TWO years by knocking the building down – as he shares exactly how you can do it too

  • Tradesman and wife purchased stunning home in Hadfield, Melbourne, in 2018
  • The three-bedroom home at 49 Volga Street had a $790,000 mortgage
  • The sparky decided to knock the house down and build a duplex on top
  • California bungalow-inspired in nature, one side of the duplex sold for $960,000

An electrician who took a ‘big risk’ by purchasing a shabby-looking $790,000 property only to bulldoze it months later has paid off his mortgage in two years. 

The Australian tradesman and his wife bought the three-bedroom home at 49 Volga Street in 2018, seeing great potential in the Hadfield suburb estate in Melbourne.

With the help

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