Elkhorn woman looks for answers after unlicensed contractor doesn’t finish job

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – After cleanup for a broken water pipe an Elkhorn senior citizen is left high and dry by a remodeling contractor.

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Construction tools

She remembers popular words from the 1960′s but 79-year-old Sharon French doesn’t like that her new basement walls are groovy.

She paid $4,700 or three fourths down for walls and flooring, but contractor James Blann left much of the project unfinished.

“It isn’t easy for a 79-year-old lady to go chasing up and down the steps to go to the bathroom when there’s a bathroom down here and it’s not usable because he took off the damn foundation,” said French.

But no permit has been pulled and the city says James Blann is not a licensed contractor.

Sharon says it has been a month since the contractor promised to come back and smooth out the drywall and paint.

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