HWU contractor partially reopens North Elm Street

HENDERSON, Ky.  – Henderson Water Utility (HWU) and Contractor Deig Bros. Lumber & Construction Co.have announced a partial reopening of North Elm Street in Henderson. 

a close up of a sign: Road work sign

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Road work sign

Deig has completed the sewer installation on Myrene Drive, Sunset Lane, and Barker Road, and those streets have now been repaved, allowing HWU to remove the closure of portions of Sunset Lane and Barker Road, near their intersection, just west of US 41 North. 

Barker, Sunset and Myrene are all now open to traffic. 

Sewer installation is continuing at the south end of this project and is now complete from Springwood to Rettig. This has allowed the reopening of North Elm Street from Rettig Road to Barker Road. Due to the narrow street and right-of-way on North Elm, and the amount of “bypass” traffic on that street from US 41 North, it will be difficult to safely work in

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