CONFUSION CLEARED! Should you buy flat, house with home loan or avoid paying EMIs?

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The perception of settling down has always been allied with buying a house. And, coronavirus-caused Covid-19 pandemic has ironically inched people closer to wanting to own a home. The sense of security and pride in home ownership is unparalleled. That compared with the burden of paying rent every month certainly makes buying a much more appealing option. But how/when does one know the right time for buying a property is really the crux of the matter. Owning a house is a wonderful proposition but it strongly hinges on financial readiness of the buyer. Saurabh Garg, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of, explains EMI Vs Rent options and which is the best option for home seekers:-

Prospective buyer’s perspective

Buying a home is every Indian’s dream. Millennials are increasingly inquiring about homeownership especially now that they are 6 months deep into the “work from home”

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