HK Estate Announces Asset Management and Asset Enhancement Plans for 2021

HONG KONG, Oct. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, HK Estate, one of the peak performers in the real estate industry in Asia, announces its asset management plans for 2021. HK Estate actively acquires assets to strengthen the overall portfolio of the firm and to expand business presence into various markets. Acquired assets have historically had a track record of stable income with high growth potential.

Asset management

Through a vast network of local partners, HK Estate focuses on managing real estate assets worldwide. Each local partner is an expert in their domestic market. This enables HK Estate to secure the highest-potential real estate deals globally from their headquarters in Hong Kong. It is essential that each real estate opportunity synergises with HK Estate’s existing portfolio and strengthens the overall return prospects of the firm.

Asset enhancement

Asset enhancement unlocks the full potential of HK Estate’s real estate assets and

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