Many nursing homes were already short staffed and then the staff got COVID – disaster ensued

This is Part 2 of Standard of Care, a Katie Moore Investigation into how COVID-19 spread through Louisiana nursing homes and what could have been done to stop it.

COVINGTON, La. — As COVID-19 started roaring through Louisiana’s nursing homes, a government ban on in-person visits left family members desperate for answers about the condition of their loved ones.

Some, like Lisa Bloemer, said overwhelmed nurses and staff made it difficult to get information.

“Like, I know. I’m sorry we’re bothering y’all, but that’s our mom and she’s dying and she’s got COVID,” Bloemer said days before her mother, Carolyn Fowler, died of COVID-19 at Forest Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation in Covington.

Bloemer was scared and sad and angry at both the disease dragging the life out of her mother, and about the care she suspects her mother wasn’t getting.

“It’s like we’re not getting any help anymore,” Fowler said

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