How would Drew Brees’ (alleged) ‘baller’ condo at the Four Seasons Hotel look? Get a sneak preview | Entertainment/Life

The management of the future Four Seasons Hotel still won’t confirm that New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has purchased a posh multi-million-dollar condo in their new development in the former World Trade Center building, at the river-end of Canal Street. This is in spite of the fact that in mid-October, the TMZ gossip website ran a story titled “DREW BREES COPS BALLER CONDO IN N.O. HIGH-RISE…!!!” in which they claimed to reveal his future address. 

Earlier this week, Four Seasons sales director David Seerman explained that though the hotel protects the anonymity of its clientele and he couldn’t discuss the possibility of the Brees purchase, it would be possible for us to visit a sample condo, which we choose to believe is pretty similar to the one Brees purchased, if he purchased one, which Seerman couldn’t discuss.

When we contacted the Saints to request an interview with Mr. Brees

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