Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told a group of Pennsylvania firefighters on Thursday night about the 1972 car crash that killed his first wife and his daughter. (Sept. 18)

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The claim: Joe Biden lives in a large estate bought on a senator’s salary

Since before the 2016 election, critics have asked to see President Donald Trump’s tax returns to no avail. Several weeks ago, the New York Times reported Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017, heightening critics’ suspicions about Trump’s finances and financial dealings. Now, Eric Trump is using an aerial photo of Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s former home to raise questions about Biden’s finances.

“The salary of a U.S. Senator is $174,000 per year. This is Joe Biden’s house…. seems legit,” Eric Trump shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Oct. 17.

However, Eric Trump’s claim is false: Biden no longer