Children’s Hospital contractor submitting ‘hundreds of millions of euro’ in claims, TDs to be told

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BAM, THE PRIMARY contractor building the new National Children’s Hospital, has submitted claims for extra costs running to “hundreds of millions of euro”, an Oireachtas Committee is set to be told today.  

Chief Officer of of National Paediatric Hospital Development Board (NPHDB) David Gunning will brief TDs and Senators on the status of the massive project today, and will say the claims for extra costs are taking up “a significant amount” of the the board’s time.  

He will also say that the scheduled competition date for the project is now six months behind schedule and is now due in early 2023. 

The project was expected to cost €983 million in 2017; Taoiseach Leo Varadkar told the Dáil in late 2018 that it was expected to cost €1.4 billion; it’s now expected to cost €1.73 billion.

In his opening statement today, Gunning will tell the committee that BAM is

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Children’s hospital contractor submits claims for ‘hundreds of millions of euro’ extra

BAM, the main contractor on the National Children’s Hospital, has submitted claims for extra costs worth “hundreds of millions of euro”, the Oireachtas health committee will hear.

David Gunning, the chief officer of the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board (NPHDB), will tell the committee on Wednesday that BAM “has been underforming as regards project execution and has been extremely assertive as regards claims.

“Since the commencement of this project there have been hundreds of claims for hundreds of millions of euro and the sheer volume and nature of claims on this project is consuming a significant amount of executive and project team time.”

The committee will hear that in some instances, these claims have been paid, but also that BAM has being making claims for funding “on matters that we believe fall within its contractual obligations”.

He will also tell TDs and Senators that it is using “all levers” available

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Italian homes on sale for 1 euro are more than buyers bargained for

“What did I expect?” asked Lorraine Bracco in the intro to “My Big Italian Adventure,” which premieres Friday, Oct. 30, on HGTV. The reality show follows the 66-year-old, Brooklyn-born “Goodfellas” and “Sopranos” actress as she renovates an ostensible dream home she purchased in idyllic Sicily, the birthplace of her grandparents, for the nominal sum of just 1 euro. The twist? The 200-year-old structure is — surprise, surprise — woefully dilapidated. Really, what did she expect?

Last year, in hope of attracting new residents and stimulating local economies, small towns all over Italy like Ollolai in Sardinia and the Sicilian towns of Gangi, Mussomeli and Sambuca listed homes for sale for as little as 1 euro, or a bit over a dollar.

The Sicilian town of Cammarata gave away homes for free and in the region of Moloise they’ll even pay you $827 a month to live there. It’s not just

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