Stocks to buy in the real economy as Europe recovers: Deutsche

  • As investors become increasingly aware of the swing away from growth and into value, Deutsche Bank is targeting another set of ‘real economy’ shares, according to a note published Thursday.
  • Here are the ten European stocks Deutsche’s team have upgraded and why.

On Wednesday, the Dow Jones hit a record high of 30,000, prompting President Donald Trump to host a press conference to celebrate breaking – what he called – “a sacred number”.

Indeed, markets have been performing victory laps, on the new that three vaccine frontrunners now have promising updates, building on the increased political certainty from the confirmation of Joe Biden’s win in the November presidential election.  

After taking a thrashing throughout the pandemic, value stocks – those that are most exposed to the health of the global economy – are now finding favor with some of the leading banks.  Last week, JP Morgan Casenove said the trend

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FCS Real Estate Innovation Partners with Falcon’s Creative Group and Katmandu Group to Create Cutting-Edge Story-Based Attractions Across Europe

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — FCS Real Estate Innovation, Falcon’s Creative Group, and Katmandu Group announced a new strategic alliance primed to develop new story-based attractions utilizing the Katmandu IP. Together, the teams are ready to launch innovative experiential destinations, featuring themed retail, dining, and other location-based entertainment venues in Italy and beyond.

“Our mission is to deliver insightful strategies that lead to powerful solutions. We want to simplify the complex, help you maximize the customer experience, and build loyalty among your clients,” said Federico Fini, Founder & Partner of FCS.

“We are blown away by the imaginative worlds of the Katmandu brand and we know   Falcon’s to be a powerful creative force on the world’s stage,” said Giuseppe Schenal Founder & Partner of FCS.

“We are delighted to join forces with FCS and Katmandu,” said Cecil D. Magpuri, President/Chief Creative Officer of Falcon’s Creative Group.

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German police raid homes of four men linked to Vienna attacker | Europe

Police said the men are not suspected of involvement in Monday’s shooting, but had links to the attacker.

German police have raided the homes and businesses of four men linked to the ISIL (ISIS) sympathiser who carried out a deadly attack in Vienna this week.

Federal police on Friday said officers, including members of the anti-terrorism unit GSG9, searched premises in Osnabrueck, Kassel and Pinneberg county.

Police said while the men are not currently suspected of involvement in Monday’s shooting, there is evidence they had links to the attacker.

Four people and the gunman were killed in the attack, and 20 people including a police officer, were wounded.

German federal prosecutors said two of the men are believed to have met the attacker in Vienna this summer. A third man had contact with him online, while the fourth had no direct contact with the attacker but was in touch with

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