How Evolution Enterprises approaches real estate investing

Investing in real estate, whether buying a house for yourself or taking a fixer-upper and selling it someone else, is often cited as a way to build wealth.

But for those with little knowledge of  how real estate investing works or how to become a “house-flipper,” it can be a daunting challenge.

Jessica Rowell, one of the three owners of Evolutions Enterprises, discusses how they got started, tips for beginners and potential pitfalls to watch out for.

Rowell and her fiancé, Rae McKinney, met their business partner, Hui Lin, several years ago over a mutual interest in real estate investing.

The interview has been edited for clarity and length.

How did you get started in real estate investing?

When I became a homeowner, I just got very excited about what you could do to improve your home. I think that coupled with my partner’s background in real estate, we just

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There’s an Incredible 704-HP Ford RS200 Evolution for Sale

Photo credit: Canepa
Photo credit: Canepa

From Road & Track

The Ford RS200 stands among the giants of rally cars. A mid-engine, all-wheel-drive, short-wheelbase monster, the RS200 was so special and interesting that its short lifespan did nothing to blunt its impact on the rallying scene. And though its time in the sport was brief, Ford still blessed the market with 24 extra-special “Evolution” models, one of which is for sale right now from Canepa.

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These variants offered even more extreme performance than the homologation-special RS200. Power was over 500 hp. But, according to Canepa, the specific example for sale was certified to make even more power. Total output exceeded 600 hp from the factory, allowing this RS200 Evolution to sprint to 60 in under 3.2 seconds. That’s current supercar territory,

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The next phase in the evolution of real estate investment

Other benefits to raising capital through a real estate fund: It allows you to attract larger commitments from larger investors, and it helps you to build relationships with institutional investors and gain their trust. This gives you added marketplace creditability and attracts others to invest alongside them.

This means larger funds, more capital to invest, better investment opportunities, more management fees and momentum for the next fund.

When launching a real estate fund, there are critical questions fund managers should ask themselves before they approach investors. For example, what is the real estate fund’s clearly defined strategy? In what types of assets will the fund invest? What class of properties? What geographies? What are the targeted returns? What is the execution plan to generate the targeted returns?

To sell to potential investors, fund managers should be prepared to show their performance records on deals compared to industry benchmarks. This will

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