Real Estate & E-Commerce Split Corp. Announces Exchange Ratios

CALGARY, Alberta, Nov. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Middlefield Group, on behalf of Real Estate & E-Commerce Split Corp. (the “Company”), is pleased to announce the exchange ratios for the exchange offer by the Company (the “Exchange Option”) being made under the final prospectus of the Company dated October 28, 2020.

The Company will invest in a diversified, actively managed portfolio of dividend-paying securities of issuers operating in the real estate or related sectors, including real estate investment trusts, that the advisor believes are well-positioned to benefit from low interest rates, the rapid adoption of e-commerce, the growth of data infrastructure as well as attractive valuations in various areas of the real estate sector.

The Company’s investment objectives for the:

Class A Shares are to provide holders with:

(i) non-cumulative monthly cash distributions; and
(ii) the opportunity for capital appreciation through exposure to the portfolio

Preferred Shares are to:


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Fiery exchange between mayor, councilman heats up debate over Birmingham parking deck sale

This is an opinion column.

They paved paradise

And put up a parking lot

—lyrics from “Big Yellow Taxi” (Joni Mitchell)

Paradise. Not sure the word can be associated with Birmingham—not right now, at least.

There’s too much distrust. Too much pettiness. Too much opacity. Too much territorialism. Too much insecurity. Too much fear. Too much (just speaking truth, y’all) ignorance.

Too much this is how we’ve always done it.

Just too much.

Right now, and at least for the next few weeks, the chasm between the two words – paradise and Birmingham – is about the size of, oh, a parking deck.

Six of them, frankly. Six city-owned parking decks (five downtown, one on the Southside) that might be sold to a group of rich folks headed by one of the area’s richest—Shipt founder Bill Smith—for at least $41,375,000.

Might because the very idea of the sale has

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Six Top Tips For Identifying 1031 Exchange Replacement Property

There is no argument that the IRS is quite strict when it comes to applying the rules governing 1031 exchanges. Every year, hundreds of proposed exchanges fail because the investor fails to meet one of the requirements set forth in the code.

One of the biggest areas where mistakes are made? Identifying the replacement property.

To make sure you don’t make a misstep here and jeopardize your next exchange, we offer our top tips for identification. When you understand all the requirements of identifying replacement property, you are far less likely to jeopardize your planned exchange.

3 Property Rule – There are different rules that set forth how many possible replacement properties may be identified by an investor, but most follow this rule. It allows an investor to identify up to three replacement properties and eventually acquire, one, two or all three of them.

200% Rule – An investor can … Read More