No Time to Die: $600 Mil Sale to Streaming Explored for 007 Pic

Could No Time to Die actually head to a streaming service in the near future? Despite the recent push of the next James Bond feature to April 2021, it’s unclear what the theatrical landscape will look like in the coming months. Will audiences be returning to theaters in pre-pandemic quantities, thus helping to revive the box office and ensure financial success for studios? Or is it a safer bet to go the streaming route and offer up this big tentpole release for a premium price, as we saw with Disney’s live-action Mulan and its move to Disney+ Premier Access? For No Time to Die, a movie that cost around $250 million to make and relies on premium marketing partnerships with brands like Omega and Heineken to help get folks to buy tickets, the method of release is paramount.


Image via MGM

Per a report from Variety (first reported on

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