Market Factors Make South Florida Industrial Almost A Sure Bet

Ed Easton started his industrial real estate company, The Easton Group, in 1974. He now controls about 5M SF of space. 

“When I started in the industrial market, nobody liked industrial,” he recalled during a Bisnow webinar on South Florida’s industrial market Nov. 18. “When I first took my wife off to see what I did for a living, she said, ‘What the heck is this?’ She didn’t get it. Nobody got it.”

That’s certainly different today, in the era of e-commerce.


Courtesy of Prologis

Prologis I-595 is a warehouse/distribution park strategically located in the center of Broward County along the I-595/SR 84 corridor.

Until now, there have been fewer than 10 companies having any significant involvement in the local market, Easton said. That is starting to change, with more players in fierce competition for limited assets.  

“We’re seeing some firms coming in from Chicago or even out west and

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Factors Setting the Tone for Beazer Homes’ (BZH) Q4 Earnings

Beazer Homes USA, Inc. BZH is scheduled to release fourth-quarter fiscal 2020 results on Nov 12, after the closing bell. In the last reported quarter, the company’s earnings surpassed the Zacks Consensus Estimate by a significant margin.

Q4 Estimates

The Zacks Consensus Estimate for the to-be-reported quarter’s earnings per share is pegged at 58 cents, suggesting a decline of 37.6% from the prior-year quarter. Moreover, earnings estimate for the quarter have remained stable in the past 30 days. The consensus mark for fiscal fourth-quarter revenues stands at $622 million, indicating a slump of 20.4% from the year-ago reported figure.

Factors to Note

The company’s fiscal fourth-quarter results are likely to reflect increase in net new orders. In September, the company reported preliminary operating results for the month of July and August. Preliminary net new orders increased 26% and 48% in July and August, respectively. This was driven by higher pace

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Electric Water Heater Market Research By Production, Revenue, Growth Rate, Sales Value, Industry Trends, Impact Factors, SWOT Analysis

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Nov 05, 2020 (AmericaNewsHour) —
Global electric water heater market was valued approximately USD 15.08 billion in 2016 and is anticipated to grow with 5.9% compound annual growth rate over the forecast period. Electric water heaters are largely installed for household applications such as cooking, washing, bathing, laundry and washing purposes. All the residential applications accounted more than 85% of the total market share in 2016. In a broader scenario, residential sector has been matured in terms of demand & installations, however, commercial places such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and public places are likely to spur huge demand over the coming years. This increase in demand from commercial sector is attributed to the factors such as real estate development, development of tankless water heaters, increasing disposable income, and change in preference towards the superior quality

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Buying a house vs an apartment: 5 factors to consider

Are you a fast-paced city explorer or a breezy country cruiser? This could have a big impact on the kind of home you choose and plunge you into the age-old debate of if apartments or houses are a better buy.

But before you can crack on with the financial rebuttals and then settle on a top-value home loan, you’ll want to figure out which dwelling suits you best. So, we’ve laid out a few key areas to address before you dive into analysing the property spectrum.

Budget, location and lifestyle

Your deposit and financing can significantly impact your home-buying location choices and the features that come along with that.

In Sydney’s inner suburbs, $600,000 may buy you a basic one bedroom apartment, while the same amount in regional NSW could get you a five-bedroom house. So, you’ll need to take a long hard look at your professional and social expectations

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Factors to consider when determining how best to transfer home from parent to heirs

Her house is still in her name. She was unsure for many years whether to transfer the title to all three of her children, and she now wonders whether she should do that while still living in the home. My sister and I have no interest in keeping the home after she is gone, but my brother, who lives with her, may have an interest in buying it down the road.

I’m assuming that if we leave things alone, the estate will go into probate. Or if we discuss this with her while she is alive, she can decide whether to transfer the home to us and we can then work out the details later among each other. Is it better to transfer the title of the home to us, or to leave it as it is given her age and go through probate?

Mom has her affairs in order.

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Looking Ahead To 2019: What Factors Should Real Estate Examine?

Anyone, who, either, as a professional, or, simply, a curious observer, watches the real estate markets, and possibilities, must take a close look at the possible factors, which might impact, what might be trends in the housing market, as well as the overall economy. Beware, there are no guarantees, but, simply probabilities, or best guesses (also called, educated guesses)! After more than a decade as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in the State of New York, I believe, the more educated and aware, a potential buyer might be, the better his chances. That’s why I have been using my trademarked slogan, for many years, I’ll always tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. (TM)

1. Interest rates and mortgage rates/ terms: Most economists are forecasting a gradual, moderate rise, in interest rates, and the Federal Reserve, has stated, its intentions to raise rates, … Read More

Small Business Property Insurance Info: What Are Factors That Affect the Cost of Coverage?

No matter how big or small your business property is, it's a good idea to have it insured. You never know when somebody might become injured on it, or when a thief might steal something or cause damage to it. There are also natural disasters to worry about, like fire and hail. Like any type of insurance, the internet is filled with information about small business property insurance, some of which is useless information and some very helpful.

The cost of insurance varies depending on multiple factors. Some providers will allow small business owners to include commercial property insurance in a BOP (business owner's policy), which is basically a bundled package of various types of insurance. In some instances, the cost of the package as a whole is actually less than the underlying policies if you were to purchase them separately.

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