West Fargo’s historic stockyards to be shuttered, sold for possible development

But Wednesday’s sale at Central Livestock West Fargo would not be like the thousands before it. The auction will be one of the last at West Fargo’s iconic stockyards as the property is listed for sale and employees were notified of a developer’s interest to raze the entire grounds and build something new.

The sale would end decades of history, as West Fargo has hosted cattle sales every Wednesday, along with sheep sales once or twice a month and horse sales twice a year during spring and fall, all of which have drawn buyers and sellers from across the region since 1935.

Klein has been an auctioneer for 16 years and manager at Central Livestock for three years. In a public Facebook post on Nov. 12, Klein announced the closing.

“… All will come to an end later this month. The property is being sold and torn down by new

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