Consider Gold, Mining Stocks And Farmland

It’s time to start worrying about inflation. Although inflation has been low and fairly steady in the past decade, prices will begin accelerating in 2021 and 2022. The Federal Reserve will be slow to react, allowing inflation to accelerate for two or three years, as I argued in Higher Inflation From The Fed’s New Strategy—And More Business Cycles. Increasing inflation has implications for businesses and workers, but this article will focus on investors. What’s a good inflation hedge, and how good a job can one do?

The classic inflation hedges are gold, other commodities, real estate and, some argued, stocks. There are possibilities in all these categories, though investors should not expect any of these to work perfectly.

The answers here are speculative. We lack good data over multiple inflation spells to know for sure how different

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Wabasha County denies sale of farmland to Trust for Public Land

Bob McGillivray, a representative for the Trust for Public Land, gave a presentation to the board where he asked for approval of a sale of 155 acres wedged between Wabasha County Road 81 and the Zumbro River a few miles west of Kellogg and near the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood Forest.

The current owners of the land, Travis and David Schurhammer, are looking to sell the land because it floods most years. Travis Schurhammer told the board that to keep the Zumbro from running over its banks and onto their farmland would cost about $60,000 in rock and excavation.

McGillivray said the TPL wanted to buy the land from the Schurhammers then donate it to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. As DNR land, while it would come off the tax rolls in Wabasha County, it would earn the county $5,718.75 in payment in lieu of taxes from the

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