Cold War-era fallout shelters are still a feature in some homes

Frankly, a bunker has sounded pretty appealing lately. A cozy, underground space to wait out the pandemic/election/murder hornets? Count me in!

Of course, many of these spaces — Cold War-era fallout shelters — are not so much cozy as creepy. Last week I asked readers to share their fallout shelter stories.

Dan and Marybeth Kaplan live in Kensington, Md., in a house they were told was built during the Cuban missile crisis by a bigwig in the Atomic Energy Commission.

“When we first toured the house, it was billed as their in-law suite,” Dan wrote. “A few steps down in the back of our workroom lead to a 20-foot hallway, at the end of which, and on the other side of a heavy iron ship door, sits a 9-by-12 room complete with air vents, a hand-crank water pump and an escape hatch that leads to a tunnel to the

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