Men pay more in estate agent fees than women, according to a new report

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One in 10 Brits pay more than £10,000 in estate agent fees, according to a survey. Photo: Getty

The majority of UK homeowners are unprepared for large estate agency fees when selling a property, a new study has revealed.

Some 58% of sellers have paid more than expected in the past decade, according to a study by online estate agent Strike.

And more than a third were charged significantly higher fees than they had budgeted for.

The figures are higher for those who sold their homes recently, with 62% hit by unexpected charges in 2019, compared to just 48% in 2010.

This trend correlates with an increase in prices over the same period, with fees rising by 42% from £3,035 (£3,995) in 2010 to £4,319 last year due to the rise in house prices.

Over the last decade, the average price paid by UK sellers to estate agents was £4,779,

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