Manhattan Real Estate Fizzles As Prices, Demand Plummets

Manhattan has made adjustments, like all of us, during Covid. Subways are mostly ghost trains. But the streets are bustling and restaurants (the ones that are still open) have welcomed patrons back with limited indoor dining.

Elevator etiquette requires that no more than two parties share a ride, and that’s only if the next party in line says it’s OK. And Broadway is still dark, an ominous symbol of what Covid has wrought on the Big Apple.

But perhaps the ultimate philosophical question posed during the pandemic to New Yorkers is this: Should I stay or should I go? As it turns out, many of those who can have left, or are planning to. At least enough have moved to shake the steel girders of Manhattan’s real estate market. 

Moving From the City to the Suburbs

Demand in New York real estate has shifted from dense urban cores to

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