Flat-fee real-estate brokerage firm enters Denver real estate market

Metro Denver yards will start sprouting a new kind of for-sale sign, ones from Homie, a Utah real estate brokerage that charges a flat fee of $3,000 to sell a home rather than the typical sell-side commission of up to 3% of the sales price.

“We view ourselves as a disruptive real estate company that uses technology to streamline the process and reduce the fees,” said Melissa Millan, the company’s general manager in Colorado. “We want to have your back as your homie would.”

Several brokerages, including Trelora, Redefy, and REX, have entered the fray in metro Denver, offering a flat-fee or heavily discounted listing commission. So far, they haven’t overturned the conventional commission structure, which runs 5% to 6% on a sale.

Homie, by contrast, got its start in Salt Lake City in 2015 and is now that state’s leading brokerage in sales volume, Millan said. It hopes to

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