David Perdue profited from a Navy contractor’s stock while overseeing the Naval fleet.

Senator David Perdue, one of two Republican senators from Georgia facing runoff elections in January, began making large and ultimately profitable purchases of shares in a Navy contractor in 2018 just before taking over as chair of a Senate subcommittee overseeing the Navy fleet.

The disclosure, first reported Wednesday by The Daily Beast, comes as both Mr. Perdue and Georgia’s other senator, Kelly Loeffler, have been under fire for their stock trades.

Mr. Perdue, a millionaire and formerly a prolific trader of individual stocks, announced in May that he would divest from his large individual stock holdings after questions were raised about his well-timed purchases of Pfizer stock in February, after senators were briefed on the coronavirus threat.

At a debate last month, Mr. Perdue’s Democratic opponent, Jon Ossoff, called him a “crook” who sought to profit from the pandemic. Mr. Perdue has since twice refused to debate Mr. Ossoff.

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Denver Painting Service Company, The Painters in Denver Sign With Saul’s Autotek To Repair Painting Contractor Fleet

Denver Painting Service Company, The Painters in Denver Sign With Saul's Autotek To Repair Painting Contractor Fleet

Denver, CO – Top painters in Denver, CO, Denver Painting Service Company, has announced its latest signing with an equally top, locally owned, and operated company, Saul’s Autotek for the repair of its fleet. The company focused on contributing positively to the development of the local area. They are proud to have selected Saul’s Autotek as the best company for its fleet repair and servicing needs.

Announcing the company to have won its bid for the fleet auto repair needs, Denver Painting Service Company’s representative noted that the mechanics from Saul’s auto repair shop have displayed huge potentials coupled with the skills and equipment offered by the repair technicians.

The representative for the painters added that the auto repair shop will be handling all of the fleet’s maintenance needs including tire changes for vehicles whose tires are not roadworthy, oil changes to ensure the smooth running of the engine and

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