Chicago restaurateur volunteers to fly rescue dogs and cats to their new homes

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For a growing number of evangelical Christians, Trump is no longer the lesser of two evils

It has long been taken for granted that the majority of evangelical Christians in the United States will vote for Donald Trump.That may well be the case. But there are recent signs that fewer evangelicals will support Trump this time around than in 2016. In an August 2020 poll for Fox News, Trump registered a 38-point advantage over Joe Biden among among white evangelical voters. That is impressive, but it pales in comparison with his 61-point advantage over Hillary Clinton among evangelicals in the 2016 election. Meanwhile, a Pew survey on Oct. 13 found that white evangelical support for Trump had slipped since August, from 83% to 78%. Moral motivationAmong those who plan to vote to reelect the current president, “a majority are excited to get behind Trump, rather than being primarily

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