Repeat flooded property near Folly underscores sea-rise threat to land slated for homes | News

FOLLY BEACH — Marshfront lots slated for home development on Bowens Island Road have been partly underwater during recent king tides, raising concern about plans for the property. 

The owner has the permits needed to clear the site and start putting in water and sewer lines, work that began last month. But those permits were first issued in 2007, and don’t expire until next year — underscoring the large window given to landowners to build on their property, even as ocean levels rise and push protected tidal lands onto higher ground.

The situation is not an uncommon one, said Emily Cedzo of the Coastal Conservation League, who added that the advocacy group has heard of similar situations all around the coast. 

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With sea-level rise, “We all are well aware that this is only going to continue to intensify with time,” Cedzo said.

City officials in Folly Beach say

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