Brad Foote, a former vet, contractor and everyone’s friend | Local&State

No one is a stranger to Brad Foote.

Reaching him on the phone, despite having never met, is like calling a longtime friend. If you mention a name, Foote knows that person or his father, son, brother or sister, or they’ve worked for him at some point.

As a contractor for 56 years, he’s built “on every damn street there is,” he said.

As a baby boomer, veteran and Bend High graduate, he’s part of a tight network of friends.

Foote moved to Bend at 16. At age 17, the Bend police chief told him to join the military or go to jail — a common ultimatum of that time. Foote joined the Marine Corps with his friend, John Lee. It was 1965. That would be the first of his three tours in Vietnam. The combat is featured in a book, “Lions of Medina.”

His jovial smile, love of country

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