7 CEOs on the future of their office real estate footprints

  • After a six-month-long experiment in remote work, many financial services companies are now considering allowing employees to continue to spend at least some of their time remote. 
  • This has implications for the already ailing office market, as firms could downsize their office portfolios. The last quarter saw an all-time record drop-in office occupancy, according to JLL.
  • We compiled comments from the earning’s calls of seven major financial firms to show how finance Is thinking about the return to office, and their future footprints.
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The past six months have been filled with speculation about the future of the office, with some tech companies moving to a more remote future and even the most skeptical, conservative companies realizing that remote work could sustain their business for an extended period of time. 

A key question is whether companies will move to more remote models and choose

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