The Middle Class is in Danger of Becoming Obsolete, Fortunately, Nikki Merkerson, Founder of Pairgap has a Solution

BROOKLYN, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 12, 2020 / “Middle-class millennials are in danger,” warns Nikki Merkerson, entrepreneur, mother, and founder of Pairgap.

If millennials, who make up a quarter of the nation’s population, according to the United States Census, are in danger, the rest of the nation should take notice. This looming peril is not the consequence of too much time spent on smartphones or their quirky dating habits. The real and present danger is that many middle-class millennials risk losing their middle-class status and falling into a lower income bracket, according to Merkerson. For the middle-class demographic, ranging between 24 and 39, their “averageness” may just be their biggest adversity. According to a recent Business Insider article, rent, college tuition, and the cost of buying a home have all increased faster than the average income in the US. Although millennials have benefited from a 67% income

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