“Let’s Buy Trump Off So He Shuts the F–k Up”: Will Rupert Murdoch Spring for a Post-Presidential Fox Gig?

Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago has been a tradition of Donald Trump’s presidency. During his first three years in office, Trump spent the long weekend in Palm Beach playing golf, relaxing, and mingling with club guests. In 2018, Trump even brought in a singer to perform “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera. But in the wake of losing the presidential election to Joe Biden, Trump won’t be hosting a feast at the resort this year. Melania Trump’s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham tweeted last week that the first family plans to remain in the White House for the holiday. 

The cancellation has fueled speculation that Trump is staying in Washington to continue his failed attempt to reverse the results of the election. But according to a Republican close to the White House, Trump’s decision not to travel to Mar-a-Lago is actually an indication that, privately at least, he’s preparing

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Fox contributor downplays COVID-19 Thanksgiving concerns: “What we do inside of our homes is our business”

AINSLEY EARHARDT [CO-HOST]: Rachel, what do you think of Kate Brown? She’s the governor of Oregon. She said call the cops if you see people violating COVID restrictions. She said, “This there is no different than what happens if there’s a party down the street and it’s keeping everyone awake. What do neighbors do? They call law enforcement because it’s too noisy. This is just like that. It’s like a violation of of a noise ordinance.”

I understand, you know, that if there is a party, yeah, that’s not allowed. But what if, in your case, you have a family of 11 — what if the restrictions are 10, and someone called the cops because —

STEVE DOOCY [CO-HOST]: Sorry, Sean [Duffy] — beat it.

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY [FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR]: Yeah, well, we’re already violating all kinds of — not just Thanksgiving rules, but apparently, you know, we’re environmental terrorists,

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Even Fox News hosts aren’t buying Kayleigh McEnany’s attempts to spin a Trump campaign election suit

Faced with dwindling hopes for a electoral win, White House press secretary turned unpaid Trump campaign official Kayleigh McEnany struggled to explain the legal merits of her boss’ last-minute lawsuits in a Wednesday interview with Fox News hosts Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum.

Specifically, McEnany strained to justify the campaign’s attempt to join a lawsuit brought by Pennsylvania Republicans seeking to intervene in a state Supreme Court decision. That court order, handed down before the election, validated mail ballots with an Election Day postmark received by Friday, Nov. 6.

Citing the case’s proximity to the election, the U.S. Supreme Court let the order stand. In anticipation of a renewed challenge, state officials segregated their 3.1 million mail ballots between those received before and after the election.

“We believe the American people deserve answers, which is why we are in court currently fighting in Pennsylvania,” McEnany said. “They want to count

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