5 Smart Tips on Shopping Online for Black Friday 2020: An Update from Fraser Financial Partners, A Maryland-based Certified Financial Advisor – Press Release

Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people spend their money. Fraser Financial Partners gives their advice to be safe and responsible for spending money when shopping on Black Friday Sale.

Baltimore, Maryland – COVID 19 pandemic has been over nine months since it was discovered. Since the coronavirus outbreak, people tend to spend their activity at home more often than before. It has also changed their shopping habit forever. Based on the survey on several countries, such as United States, Brazil, China, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, and the Russian Federation, more than half of the respondents are shopping online more often and rely on the internet the latest news updates.

They spend more on Information and Communication Technology or Electronic Products, Gardening/DIY products, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Furniture or Household products, and Cosmetics/personal care categories.

  • Prepare a buying list. During this challenging situation, it’s best to buy stuff online, but
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