Ice damage brings out contractor frauds, AG warnings

As Oklahomans look to pick up the pieces Attorney General Mike Hunter is urging them to proceed with caution when selecting contractors to assist them with clean up. 

AG Hunter is also reminding contractors and individuals that the Emergency Price Stabilization Act is still in effect for all 77 counties meaning price gouging is prohibited beyond a 10% increase. 

“Criminals see things like ice storms as an opportunity to make money,” Attorney General Hunter said. “They prey on people’s emotions and frustrations in a sinister pattern of behavior. “

Hunter said he know’s it’s hard for many  Oklahomans without power or wanting to quickly get repairs done but he encourages the public to be patient and cautious when picking a contractor. 

If you fall victim to contractor fraud you can contact the Consumer Protection Unit by phone at (405) 521-2029, email at [email protected] or visit the consumer protection website.


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