Jonny Ribeiro’s Apartment if Full of Funky Secondhand Finds and Vintage Furniture

“I kind of like being a jack-of-all-trades, being able to move throughout the design world organically,” says Jonny Ribeiro, a designer, collector, and dealer. He’s pictured here in his Brooklyn apartment, with a 1960s metal lamp, a 1970s stone sculpture by Bernice Dritz-Epstein, and an impressionist seascape by Uta Von Bern. Brooklyn, NY

“My living room looks like a bomb went off,” Jonny Ribeiro tells me over Zoom from his East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, apartment. His roommate has just moved out and everything is in flux. But that’s nothing new for Jonny, a designer, collector, and dealer who is used to an ever-evolving domestic landscape. Most of what you see in his cozy city apartment is for sale.

“It’s a constant rotation,” Jonny says of the cache of funky objects, furnishings, and artworks that fills the strange but charming ground floor apartment, which boasts parquet floors, 10-foot ceilings, and a

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