Cuomo’s new book gaslights on nursing homes

ALBANY — Since you are all good and earnest citizens, I know you’re making your way through “American Crisis,” the new book by Andrew Cuomo.

What page are you on? Me, I’ve read all the … What’s that? You’re not reading it? Oh.

Well, then I’ll tell you the memoir released Tuesday is a meandering, day-by-day account from the darkest days of New York’s battle with the coronavirus crisis. The mythic hero of the book is … you can guess it … Andrew Cuomo!

By the governor’s telling, he’s the brave truth-teller who fought an inept president, reassured a fearful public, put partisan politics aside, tamed a novel virus and is now available to offer “leadership lessons.” The self-aggrandizement gets old quickly, but I’ll admit there’s some truth to the governor’s claims.

Cuomo really was a reassuring figure for Americans at the start of the pandemic. He did confront an

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