Gianforte has Montana for sale | Letters

Any student of Montana history knows the boom/bust cycle of our economy. Each cycle created a boom in the economy followed by the bust when the resource was depleted. Montanans were inevitably saddled with the clean-up too. One such boom cycle, the copper era, was rife with corruption by the Copper Kings. They fought over the placement of the state capital, used personally owned newspapers to push their agendas, and bribed their way into office paying legislators for votes. The Corrupt Policies Act placed a 100-year ban on this corruption. Despite the best efforts of Steve Bullock, SCOTUS struck our law for Citizen’s United. This unleashed unlimited amounts of corporate and individual spending into our state. One campaign has used the loss of our rules to self-fund: Greg Gianforte. To date, he has loaned himself 7.7 million dollars. His corporate donors include charter schools, oil and gas, and real estate.

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