Orlando attorney John Morgan celebrates Florida’s minimum wage hike, explains beef with Andrew Gillum

ORLANDO, Fla. – It’s the amendment many say will change their lives and finally give them a living wage.

Amendment 2 will raise the minimum wage in Florida to $15 an hour. It will happen in stages so the process will take until 2026 to get to that amount.

While many workers in the service industry are saying it’s about time, others are saying we shouldn’t be so quick to celebrate because it could have dire consequences for businesses. Some say those businesses will have to cut jobs and raise prices on products, leaving the consumer digging deeper into their wallets.

But, the man firmly behind this fight, high profile attorney John Morgan, said the threat of layoffs and price hikes are just scare tactics.

Morgan, who also led the fight to legalize medical marijuana in Florida, also put his name and $6 million of his money behind Amendment 2.

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