Ya Gotta Believe in Steve Cohen! Mets’ new owner should be a home run for franchise, fans

The Mets now belong to the richest owner in Major League Baseball as Steve Cohen, billionaire hedge-fund giant, was approved Friday by both the teams and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, only minutes apart.

The. Richest. Owner.


Let that sink in for a moment.

After more than a decade operating in the crater left by Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme, drowning in red ink deeper than Flushing Bay, the debt-ridden Mets have been liberated from the Wilpons by someone who could not be more perfect for the job.

Steve from Great Neck. A Mets fan who also happens to be worth an estimated $14 billion.

As incredible as all this is — truly unbelievable to longtime followers of the often comically inept franchise — it’s finally a reality. No more October surprises from the Mayor’s Office. No more J-Rod lurking in the weeds.

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