Dog rescuer Paul Schultz dies at 79; fostered and found homes for 118 greyhounds

An entire industry grew out of the dazzling propulsion of the greyhound.

They can hit speeds of 40 miles an hour, the fastest of any dog.

Paul Schultz fell in love with the breed, so like a cross between a Cheetah and a canine. He knew that after short bursts of high-speed energy, they like to curl up and sleep at the foot of someone they trust.

After adopting his greyhound Comet, he fostered 117 more, adopted eight of them, and helped find permanent homes for the rest.

He and his wife Toni “fostered more dogs than anyone I know,” said Barbara Karant, president of Greyhounds Only, one of the nation’s biggest greyhound adoption groups.

The Vernon Hills resident died last month at 79 after a series of strokes, according to his son Howard.

The Schultzes “were go-to for any dog who had a health problem, a behavioral issue, a

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