Iowa Doctor Says Money And Staffing Needed To Handle Coronavirus In Nursing Homes : Coronavirus Updates : NPR

Iowa is one of several states, mostly in the Midwest, where coronavirus cases in nursing homes are rising faster than in nursing homes nationally.

While national cases in nursing home residents and staff rose by 8% between September and October, the numbers in Iowa more than doubled in that time, according to the AARP.

Hospitalizations are also climbing. Iowa is one of a handful of states with the highest number of people hospitalized per million residents.

Dr. Glenn Hurst, who is the medical director at seven nursing homes in and around Council Bluffs in western Iowa, says nursing homes and hospitals both play a part.

Hospitalized patients typically need to do rehabilitation at a nursing home after they leave the hospital, he says. Sometimes they’re there for weeks.

“If your hospitals are bottlenecked and you open up that bottleneck with more beds or field hospitals or however you do that,

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AHS begins looking for third-party contractor to handle laundry services

a group of people in a room: File photo

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Alberta Health Services has begun looking for a third party to handle laundry services as part of the government’s plan to cut 11,000 jobs mostly through outsourcing.

A request for proposals (RFP) for linen and laundry service was posted online Friday. The chosen contractor or contractors will be responsible for laundry and linen services including onsite pick-up and delivery, processing, replacement and quality control of standard linens, operating room linens, specialty linens and uniforms.

The move means 428 full-time and casual AHS employees will lose their jobs. In a statement, AHS says it hopes some of those people will be able to find work with the new vendor or vendors.

The government announced earlier this month that it plans to cut 11,000 AHS jobs, primarily through outsourcing jobs in laboratories, housekeeping, food services, and laundry in an effort to save $600 million annually after three years.

It’s not

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