Hardship Option Considered For Alexandria Real Estate Tax Payment

ALEXANDRIA, VA — On Saturday, Alexandria City Council will consider a resolution allowing taxpayers to request waivers of penalties and interest for late real estate tax payments based on financial hardship tied to the pandemic.

The city’s second installment of 2020 real estate taxes are due on Nov. 16. Late payments are typically associated with penalties — 5 percent if not paid within 15 days and 10 percent if more than 15 days late. Interest is also charged at 10 percent per annum for the first year of delinquency, and at 5 percent per annum for every year thereafter.

If council approves the resolution, city staff would be directed to consider waivers of late payment penalties and interest for the real estate tax until March 1, 2021 for taxpayers facing financial hardships related to the pandemic. Late payments beyond March 1, 2021 would continue to accrue late penalties and interest.

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