Rally aims to help Baltimoreans remain in their homes amid pandemic-related hardships

In 2000, homeowner Sonia Eaddy was told that the rowhouse in Poppleton that her family has owned for decades was slated for demolition as part of a massive West Side redevelopment project.

In 2020, Eaddy is still living in that home on North Carlton Street and is still fighting the city’s attempts to oust her. She hasn’t given up. But neither have city officials or developers backing the $800 million Center/West project.

“We have a court date in February,” Eaddy, 53, said Saturday in front of City Hall at a rally for the March for Housing Justice.

“They don’t care about sentimental value. They don’t care how long you and your family have lived inside a home. They’ll wipe us out as if we don’t matter. They just want to get in their with their demolition crews and knock down people’s homes. The value isn’t in our houses; it’s in

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