Hartford Tenant Lawsuit Alleges HUD Violated Fair Housing Act

A group of former residents from Hartford’s North End is taking on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Center for Leadership and Justice filed suit on their behalf Wednesday, claiming that HUD failed to reduce segregation when giving them options for new housing.

Tenants endured black mold hanging from the ceiling. Mothers watched mice run through their children’s cribs on the baby monitor. These claims were listed by members of the groups filing the suit outside Barbour Garden Apartments Wednesday.

“Every family we talked to who had kids had at least one kid with asthma, which can be triggered or exacerbated by mold.” said Erin Boggs, the Executive Director of the Open Communities Alliance, one of the groups working on this lawsuit.

“One of our clients discussed how she had witnessed—outside her building with her son—an execution style shooting,” Boggs said of one of the tenants who

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Hartford families sue HUD; allege Fair Housing Act violations

For years, Marina Ilarraza’s family lived in a government-subsidized apartment in Hartford’s North End where mold adorned the shower, the windows wouldn’t shut, the heat worked sporadically and the water ran brown.

In the basement, a sewage backup left behind fleas and rotting cats. Drug violence in the neighborhood often prevented her children from playing outside.

She wanted out but had few options – until 2019, when the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development ended the last of its contracts with the landlords of the Ilarrazas’ apartment and two others in the city because of the deplorable conditions inside.

Ilarraza had hoped that the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher that HUD gave her would help her find a better place, but she and others who had lived in the three apartments soon found that they had very few options. Some – including Ilarraza – wound up stuck in Hartford,

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HUD perpetuated racial segregation in Hartford area

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has perpetuated racial segregation in Connecticut’s capital by failing to help poor Black and Hispanic families living in dilapidated, federally subsidized housing move to better neighborhoods in the city and suburbs, residents allege in a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

The complaint was filed in federal court by 10 former residents of three housing complexes in Hartford’s North End and by the nonprofit Center for Leadership and Justice.

HUD terminated contracts with the buildings’ owners in 2018 and 2019 that had paid them millions of dollars, amid pressure from local organizations that said conditions at the complexes were inhumane.

The buildings, which housed about 250 families, had rats, mice, cockroaches, mold, exposed wires, flooding, blocked emergency exits and missing toilets, the groups said.

HUD gave tenants relocation vouchers under the Section 8 program and was supposed to provide services aimed

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Suddenly, the Hartford area’s real estate market is red hot; home sales are third highest in nation

Home sales in the Hartford metro area ranked the third highest in the country in September in a new national survey released Thursday, fresh evidence of the hot housing market in Connecticut.


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The Hartford metro area — which includes Hartford, Tolland and Middlesex counties — had a 33.3% jump in closed sales in September, compared with a year ago, placing it just behind the perennially hot market of San Francisco, which came in with a 34.7% increase. Billings, Montana grabbed the top spot with sales that soared 37.1%.

The survey, released by real estate giant RE/MAX, was based on a study of 53 metro areas across the country. The study combined sales of single-family houses, condominiums and townhouses.

Sales in the Hartford metro area blew past the national increase of 21.1% compared with a year earlier.

The median sale price — where half the sales are above, half

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Blue Jay Home Buyers in Hartford Making the Home Selling Process Stress-Free for Homeowners

HARTFORD, Conn., Oct. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Eric Konoski and Nicholle Clint started Blue Jay Home Buyers with a simple concept of helping others out of the challenges of being a homeowner. No matter the problem a homeowner has faced, Blue Jay Home Buyers have been able to help.

Whether it be foreclosure, bad tenants, inherited property problems, or simply wanting to downsize without any hassle, Blue Jay Home Buyers wants to help homeowners sell a house fast. 

After spending two decades in law enforcement as a Lieutenant in the police department, Eric found a passion for helping others and saw many people suffering from homeownership problems first hand. He realized that he was capable of helping people through these situations to help them achieve financial freedom. Eric is devoted to helping others, has a strong interest in real estate, and building better communities.

Nicole has a strong business

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