Madison to seek replacement property for homeless men’s shelter ‘with all due haste’ | Local Government

Earlier Tuesday, the mayor and Dane County Executive Joe Parisi held a press conference announcing the project, which aims to provide an overnight shelter that could accommodate laundry services and a kitchen.

Josh Wescott, chief of staff to Parisi, said in a statement Wednesday that the city and county have demonstrated a “clear financial and moral commitment” to this project.  

“The partnership that’s come together to create a new night shelter is unprecedented,” Wescott said in a statement. “City and county staff are already mapping next steps to identify potential community partners.”

The city would provide $3 million with Dane County contributing another $3 million, which Executive Joe Parisi included in his 2021 Capital Budget proposal. The property at 4111 East Towne Boulevard would cost $1.3 million.

“Together we have laid out a $6 million dollar commitment to this project, and we are focused on moving it forward as expeditiously

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