Journal Times editorial: Step up, be a hero in COVID fight | Editorial

“We’ve had some real shortages of blood,” Waxman said.

Regular blood donations can also lead to additional COVID convalescent plasma supplies because Versiti tests each blood donation to determine if it has positive coronavirus antibodies and then notifies each donor if they have the antibody present in their system and asks if they will consider donating plasma.

Some people have had COVID-19, but have been asymptomatic and didn’t even know they had it. Health officials have estimated that more than 11 percent of blood donations tested for coronavirus antibodies have shown them to be positive, so one of the side benefits of donating blood could be the “surprise” comfort to donors that they have some level of COVID protection.

One of the great frustrations for most of us over the past year is that we have felt powerless to do something to curb the pandemic. Yes, in most instances we

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7’s HERO: Local businesses come together to help Nampa veteran buy, renovate a house

91-year-old U.S. Navy Veteran Lawrence Hewitt needed a place to live. He couldn’t believe it when the community came together to help him find his forever home.

NAMPA, Idaho — Lawrence Hewitt is a 91-year-old U.S. Navy veteran. He lives in Nampa, and he grew up here in the Treasure Valley. 

“I was born and raised in Caldwell,” he said. “I sure have seen a lot of changes here.”

Hewitt joined the military as a young man and served in two wars. In total, he spent 23 years serving his country.

Over the summer, Hewitt met Michael Christianson, a local realtor and owner of Idaho Home Realty.

“He’s a character number one, and at 91 years of age, he’s got some stories and I just immediately took to him right off the bat,” Christianson said. 

They met under stressful circumstances but soon became close friends.

“I met Mr. Hewitt because

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Six California firefighters lost their homes while battling the flames. Days later, a CNN Hero provided RVs for them to shelter them

As a wildfire tore through Berry Creek, California, last month, it destroyed the homes of six of the community’s seven volunteer firefighters along with the department’s fire station.

a man taking a selfie: california wildfires firefighters rv shelter cnnheroes_00023528.jpg

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california wildfires firefighters rv shelter cnnheroes_00023528.jpg

Yet that did not stop the team from working around the clock, evacuating neighbors, extinguishing the flames, and fighting to save remaining homes.

Within days, 2019 CNN Hero Woody Faircloth learned of the tragedy and sprang into action, sourcing and delivering RVs for them to stay until they can get back on their feet.

“The entire fire department had grown up in Berry Creek,” Faircloth told CNN. “It’s just a beautiful community with really proud people.”

In 2018, Faircloth and his then 7-year-old daughter, Luna, founded the nonprofit RV4CampfireFamily after watching news coverage of California’s deadliest wildfire. The Camp Fire killed 85 people and destroyed nearly 14,000 residences in the town

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Nation’s Largest Hero Savings Program Homes for Heroes Establishes Local Website and Expands Service | Nation & World

STOCKTON, Calif., Oct. 20, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Inspired by the tragic events of 9/11, Homes for Heroes was started in Minneapolis, Minn. at the beginning of 2002. In 2009 it grew to become a national organization that has since helped over 40,268 heroes and given back over $68.4 million.

Homes for Heroes’ mission is to provide extraordinary savings to heroes who provide extraordinary services to our nation and its communities every day. Heroes include: Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military (active, reserves and veterans), Healthcare Professionals/EMS and Teachers.

Now our local area heroes can access their benefits directly at

In addition to the traditional line-up of heroes, local realtor affiliate Brian Nicolson, himself a US Navy Veteran, is expanding the benefits to include any essential workers who have served, in any way, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Interested parties simply need to register at

Homes for Heroes is comprised of

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