The future of nuclear: power stations could make hydrogen, heat homes and decarbonise industry

Nuclear power has provided low-carbon electricity to the UK for over 60 years and today it generates 17% of the country’s electricity. Until mid-2018, 15 nuclear reactors were the country’s largest source of low-carbon energy. Of these, only Sizewell B is planned to remain operating in 12 years’ time. The only new plant under construction is Hinkley Point C, and with a total generating capacity of 3.26 gigawatts, it would provide just 8% of the UK’s current electricity demand.

The Committee on Climate Change advises the UK government on the effort to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Its proposals are strangely silent on nuclear power, occasionally lumping it in with “other low-carbon generation”. It supports a massive increase in renewable energy generation and continued burning of natural gas, using carbon capture and storage technology to mop up the CO₂ emitted. Elsewhere, the plan is to electrify transport, heating and industrial

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6 Hydrogen Stocks To Buy For The Next Generation Of Travel

Hydrogen-powered cars and trucks have been a grail among alternative energy advocates for decades decades. There were hydrogen companies in the 1990s that were extolling the benefits of hydrogen over electric vehicles (EVs).

The trouble was, building a hydrogen-powered vehicle is complicated – that means it’s also expensive. Also, there’s no infrastructure for hydrogen vehicles. There are no hydrogen filling stations and you can’t fill one up at your house like an EV.

Plus, hydrogen is somewhat dangerous to store, so filling stations would need to have some safety standards. And no one is that familiar with hydrogen, so there’s a learning curve.

But technology has helped push hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCVs) much further along in recent years. And the fuel cell technology has been used in other industries where some of the challenges for HFCVs don’t exist.

The 6 hydrogen stocks powering the next generation of travel here

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