Oakland’s Moms 4 Housing mark movement’s anniversary with march to foreclosure auction

A year after a group of homeless Oakland moms grabbed hearts and headlines by seizing a vacant West Oakland house, Moms 4 Housing and some supporters marked the anniversary by marching on the René C. Davidson Courthouse Tuesday to disrupt a foreclosure auction in the rain.

No one showed up for the twice-weekly auction on the courthouse steps, so the housing activists counted it as a victory — one of many the group has tallied since it took over the house.

“This is typical — they see us coming, they start a-running,” said Alia Phelpa, a member of the Moms group.

Since last Nov. 17, when four homeless moms moved into a rundown home in the process of being fixed up and sold for a profit by the owner, Wedgewood Properties — the Moms have experienced many victories, including attracting national attention and support for their cause of housing homeless

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