MPs disappointed by killer river bridge contractor

A parliamentary committee is dissatisfied with the progress of the Chengoni Bridge in Kilifi South.

Members of the Special Funds Accounts committee said during a tour of the site on Monday that they were apprehensive that the contractor of the Sh55 million bridge will not complete the job in the stipulated time frame.

The bridge is funded by the government through the Equalisation Fund. On paper, it is a modern facility, but the situation on the ground is pathetic. Only Sh5.5 million has been spent on it. The project is indicated to be 28.7 per cent done.

“The construction of this bridge started in October last year and the completion date is supposed to be April 2021. We are four months to the completion date and he (contractor) has done up to 24 per cent, Committee chairman Murungi Kathuri expressed fears,” committee chairman Murungi Kathuri said.

“There is no work

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Protest over MP’s land grab in Nattandiya

A group of Nattandiya area residents yesterday staged a protest in front of a coconut estate claiming that the land belonging to the Government has been forcibly acquired by a Puttalam District MP for over four years. The protesters said that a 52 acre land in Thorawetiya Estate in Nattandiya owned by the Land Reforms Commission is being misused by Puttalam District MP, Puttalam District Development Committee Chairman Ashoka Priyantha. Nattandiya Pradeshiya Sabha Deputy Chairman Prasannna Marasinghe said this land was forcibly acquired by the aforesaid MP during the ‘Yahapalana’ regime and he has been enjoying the income of this land till now.

They had come to the estate yesterday following information that the MP was coming with a group of underworld members to harvest the coconuts this time as well. However, no one came to harvest coconuts till noon yesterday. It is reportedly nearly 26,000 coconuts are harvested from

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