Massachusetts MSPCA gets 20 alpacas, 29 rabbits from a single home; begins looking for new homes

The MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen, Massachusetts, recently took in 20 alpacas and 29 rabbits after a single home had to surrender the animals.

Now the MSPCA is looking for homes for the animals.

“Since alpacas are herd animals and do best with fellow alpacas, we are looking for homes that will take a pair or a small group (but we’ll of course also consider adopting a single alpaca to someone with an established herd of alpacas, sheep, or goats),” a Facebook post stated.

The original Facebook post has been updated to say that they are no longer taking inquires on the alpacas after they “received an amazing, huge, wonderfully large number of formal adoption inquiries for our herd.” Now they “have begun making selections for families we’ll be taking next steps with.”

But the rabbits are still available.

People can also still help by buying the animals

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